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Newly developed concept for medical training therapy and medical training

All Enraf-Nonius EN-Train exercise equipment is approved for medical use (MDD - certified)

New: EN-Train concept

EN-Train is the new software concept from Enraf-Nonius for Medical Training Therapy (MTT) and Medical Fitness. A concept that allows you to design the best exercise programs for your patients quickly and easily. This can be achieved using 3 toolboxes that form a standard part of the program. For example, you can use pre-programmed training protocols to design a high-quality cardiovascular or strength training program that fully meets your needs and insights.

Tests and measurements

EN-Train also has a lot to offer in testing and measurement.

Various tests (including 6MWT, Steep Ramp Test, 1RM strength test) and measurements (blood pressure, fat percentage, etc.) are a standard part of the package.

You can save your favorite tests and exercise programs under any name.

In a short time you can make a list of your personal "Favorites". These favorites can be recalled with just a few
mouse click and connect to each patient in your patient list (database).


The EN-Train software is compatible with all Enraf-Nonius strength and cardio machines equipped with a smart card reader. All data (test results and customized exercise programs) are transferred from / to PCs and exercise machines using chip cards and are automatically added to the patient file. The EN-Train program is extremely flexible and allows you to guide the rehabilitation process very effectively from start to finish. Quick, easy and 100% tailored to the patient's level (of fitness) and the planned training goal.

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Reporting options

The EN-Train package gives you good reporting options that give you insight into each exercise performed and the progress.

Key features


● Easy to operate software with a focus on functionality
● Developed for practical application of tests and education / training
● Logical and organized menu structure
● Quick access to all functions (mouse drive and / or touch screen)
● Flexible: can be adapted to your goals, wishes and needs for testing and training, and can be fine-tuned to the patients' status
● Your favorites (tests and training programs) can be created quickly and easily, using various toolboxes that form a standard part of the program
● User-friendly: chip card for entering individual tests and training programs. Storage of the results of the tests and overview of development in performed sessions
● Feedback: insight into the exercises performed and the progress (progression) can be achieved at any time; Comprehensive but clear reporting options
● Compatible with all Enraf-Nonius exercise machines equipped with a smart card reader (EN-Dynamic strength training machines, ENCardio machines and multifunctional machines with EN-Tree Pulley)

Objectively test and measure the status of the patient

EN-Train includes tests and measurements to determine starting values.

Tests can be performed using Enraf-Nonius exercise machines to estimate patient capacity.

For example:
● 1RM Test (EN-Dynamic strength machines and EN-TreeP multifunctional pulley)
● 6MWT, Claudication Test, 2 km UKK Walking Test, Conconi Test (EN-Motion treadmill)
● VO2-max, steep ramp test, 3 and 12 minute tests (Bike-Reha)

The results from other measuring instruments (eg blood pressure, fat percentage, saturation, etc.) that are present in practice can
also be entered and evaluated in EN-Train. The test results are stored in NO-Tren via a chip card and can be printed out in the form of a test

Design targeted exercise programmes

You can use the test results to compose a targeted exercise plan. The toolbox offers a wide range of options to instantly compose the perfect workout.

Training protocols can be combined with recommendations ("tools") that already exist pre-programmed in EN-Train.

These recommendations consist of special exercises to improve strength, coordination, stabilization, mobility, endurance or fat burning. In addition, you can choose to compose the tutorial based on machine-specific recommendations or from the list of favorites.
Exercise programs can be customized at any time depending on the user's capacity. The complete training program is offered to each patient on a smart card. For the treadmill, EN-Motion pre-programmed recommendations (uphill, downhill, interval, etc.) are available as quick start profiles.

EN-Train allows you to compose targeted training protocols for each patient using just the click of a mouse.

Automate the route through the exercise room

You can determine the order of the exercises on the machines (and thus determine the route through the exercise room). This can be a fixed order (eg Mandatory heating on a treadmill) or a "voluntary" order. With the chip card you can adjust and control all EN-Train compatible machines. Duration and load are set automatically as soon as the card is inserted into the machine. Then the patient performs the exercise and the results are automatically saved on the chip card. After the exercise is completed, the display on the machine will show what is the next training station. This shows the patient exactly where to go and what to do. And you do not lose valuable time, because EN-Train monitors quality and progress.

Monitor and adjust the progress of exercise programmes

After completing the training, all data and the results of the exercises will be saved automatically. The therapist can see at any time
how the entire training program develops and whether goals are achieved.

Each workout can be easily adjusted to guarantee the optimal balance between load / capacity, and also monitor the changes during the rehabilitation process.
You can evaluate the results based on a clear report. Patients always train at the right level, both individually and as a group.

Optimise utilisation of your exercise room

Insight into the exercises that are done, allows you to achieve the best design and use of your gym. You may decide
how many patients you allow to exercise at the same time, as well as the machines and the order in which they are used. This ensures that you retain full control and an overview of the use of your exercise room.

Created for optimum control of Enraf-Nonius training machines. MDD Certified

All Enraf-Nonius exercise equipment is approved for medical use (MDD - certified - Medical Device Directive).

The exercise equipment is therefore not only very effective and easily adjustable, but also perfectly safe.

This makes Enraf-Nonius exercise equipment very user friendly friendly and extremely suitable for medical exercise therapy and medical fitness.


A complete range of strength machines for upper and lower extremities and for core training.

The EN-Dynamic machines work with air pressure (pneumatic) and can be adjusted both manually and automatically (via a chip card).

The ONE-DYNAMIC strength line has been developed especially for use in rehabilitation (patients) and fitness / well-being (clients).


A complete range of manual and automatic (chip card) adjustable cardio-respiratory training devices, including EN-Motion treadmill, bicycle ergometer Bike Reha, Crosswalker and Stair.

All EN-Cardio machines can be controlled using EN-Train and are suitable for rehabilitation and prevention (post-rehabilitation).


EN-Tree P is a multifunctional pneumatic pulley that allows you to perform both isolated mono-joint movements and complex multi-joint movements ("free" exercises).

In addition to the traditional strength exercises, this pulley also allows you to perform explosive movements perfectly.


The software package and chip card form the basis for effective planning, implementation and documentation of tests and exercises for strength and endurance.

The chip card quickly and easily loads exercises into the various exercise machines * and ensures that exercise results and exercise data are stored permanently.

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