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About Reimers & Janssen GmbH

RJ laser equipment for photobiomodulation and laser therapy
RJ-LASER - Pioneer in LLLT / HLLT / Photobiomodulation since 1982 - Take advantage of our experience

Reimers & Janssen, RJ-LASER, has been developing and manufacturing non-invasive medical equipment for light and laser therapy since 1982.

Experience and innovation have made us one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. More than 10,000 doctors and therapists worldwide work with an RJ therapy laser "Made in Germany" every day. Reimers & Janssen offers the right laser units for all applications: point lasers, cluster lasers / laser showers, laser needles, both for low level laser therapy (LLLT) with class 3B lasers and for high level laser therapy (HLLT) with class 4 laser units. RJ laser therapy in advance of research.

Ditt treningsstudio på 2m²

The first at 4 therapy lasers with all biofrequencies, modular concept
The LightStream laser system is modular and consists of various innovative components (desktop and mobile). LightStream | wave (4 o'clock) offers up to 15 W laser power, so-called High-Level-Laser-Therapy (HLLT). Due to the high power, the treatment time with LightStream | the wave is very short and the laser energy penetrates deep into the body and the tissue. LightStream | wave can be used for almost all indications in photobiomodulation and enables direct, tangible results

The LightStream laser system consists of the following components


  • Base station (+ laser unit)

  • Stationary laser device with three wavelengths

  • Mobile laser with single wavelength or cluster attachment

  • Scanner

  • Fiber optic system (laser needle)


The control unit communicates via Bluetooth with the desktop and mobile laser.

Laser therapy with LightStream is non-invasive, gentle, beneficial and relaxing. During the laser treatment, depending on the setting, an intense relaxing deep heat is created, a biologically active luminous flux that has a positive effect on the metabolism in the cells and the blood circulation.

Pleasant heat flows through the body
LightStream laser therapy fits perfectly into the following areas:

  • Orthopedics

  • Sports medicine

  • Physiotherapy

  • Pain treatment


For sensitive patients, the skin test can be used to determine the individual heat threshold to provide maximum comfort

Modulation, programs, favorites, treatment plans, service
To ensure easy processing, technical parameters such as power, modulation / frequencies, pulse width and much more are of course pre-programmed or, depending on the orientation of the practice, freely programmable and can also be saved as favorites. Also worth mentioning is the patient-related design of treatment plans, so that laser therapy can be delegated directly to trained personnel.

RJ Service App: Service and updates are performed using the Service App, directly in your practice. In addition, therapy data can be exchanged with colleagues.

Wavelengths in "optical window" = optimal penetration depth
The three therapeutically proven wavelengths, 670 nm, 808 nm, 915 nm are located within an "optical window" for optimal penetration depth (lowest absorption of water, hemoglobin, melanin, for optimal depth effect).

Therapeutically effective wavelengths
The choice and combination of the above wavelengths is the basis for the success of the therapy. For example, ATP synthesis (an important factor in cell stimulation) is triggered via the absorption band of cytochrome c-oxidase.

The advantage: biofrequencies and therapeutically effective pulse shapes
The modulation frequency of the laser is definitely an important contribution to the success of the therapy, therefore all biofrequencies are programmed in LightStream (eg resonant frequencies according to Nogier, Bahr, Reininger, Scholtes).
Of course, the transmission type, the pulse shape, is also important. The operating cycle of the pulse shapes can be changed specifically. The biopulse should be emphasized, which is about a "light massage", the power swells up and down.
In addition, the modulation also controls and optimizes thermal behavior.

Power in abundance for "generous" laser therapy
No need to worry about loss of performance (reflection, scattering, etc.), because the high power of LightStream® | wave (30 times higher than a 3B class 3B laser with 500 mW) enables short treatment times and ensures adequate energy supply even in deep tissue layers (joints, internal organs) for
Photobiomodulation in acceptable treatment duration. Even large areas of the body can be easily treated by increasing the distance between the handpiece and the skin.

LightStream® therapy is pleasant for the patient and easy to perform. The probe is placed on the surface to be treated or gently moved over it. The relaxing deep heat is felt immediately

The effect of heat through LightStream laser therapy (especially IR-A)
The main effect of heat therapy is muscle relaxation through thermoregulation. Thermoregulatory effects include increasing blood circulation to cool down when body temperature rises above 37o Celsius. It leads to improved blood circulation and supply of oxygen and nutrients.
Metabolic waste products, carbon dioxide etc. are removed more quickly from the connective and muscle tissue. Anti-inflammatory effects such as changes in the prostaglandin pattern have been described (Hardy et al., 1951; Moriyama et al., 2005; Pulichino et al., 2006; Rosseland et al., 2007).

Increased or normalized tissue pO2 and substrate supply increase or stabilize the activity of Na + -K + -ATPase. High Na + -K + -ATPase activity leads to reduced nociceptive impulse transmission (Moriyama et al., 2005).
Heat (IR irradiation) changes the pain threshold (Khanapure et al., 2007). Additional data indicate a reduction in oxidative stress.
Reduced lipid levels Peroxidation rate (LPO) and reduced plasma concentrations of toxic aldehyde LPO products such as malondialdehyde (MDA), 4-hydroxy-2,3-trans-nonenal (HNE) and measured protein carbonyls (Gruenberger, 2007) are e.g. produced during sauna therapy.
MDA, HNE proteins and nucleic acids can be modified. Reduction of Na + -K + -ATPase activity, an enzyme related to the nociception of aldehyde LPO products, has been described (Siems et al., 1996; 2003).

Scope of delivery and variations of LightStream
LightStream® | wave therapy set stationary : scope of delivery: base station, 15 W laser, 2 power supplies, board, 2 glasses, footswitch, laser warning / light, locking plug, operating instructions, therapy manual.

LightStream® | wave therapy set mobile: scope of delivery: base station, handpiece, 1 W / 670 nm laser head, 4 mm attachment, charging station, 2 power supplies, 2 glasses, laser warning / lamp, instructions for use, therapy manual

LightStream® | wave: scope of delivery: 15 W laser, power supply unit, shelf, 2 glasses, foot switch, laser warning sign / light, door contact, user manual.

LightStream® | mobile: scope of delivery: handpiece, laser head 1 W / 670 nm, 4 mm attachment, charging station, power supply unit, 2 glasses, laser warning / lamp, instructions for use.

Additional accessories available.


Skanlab As draws attention to regulations that apply to lasers in Norway.

To get to the DSA page - click here

Link til dokumentasjon hos R&J:
Physiolaser olympic - laserterapi for alle applikasjoner

Laserterapi med laserdusj og punktsonder, universell og allsidig

Physiolaser er nå en av LLLT-klassikerne. Den har to utganger som kan brukes parallelt, for eksempel for å gi lokal og reflekterende terapi samtidig (mikro- og makrosystem). Utstyrt med alle dokumenterte resonansfrekvenser for forskning, optimaliserer Physiolaser laserterapien ( fotobiomodulering , LLLT) på en målrettet måte.


Fritt programmerbar for alle bruksområder

  • Alle påviste pulsfrekvenser

  • Enkel berøringsskjermbetjening, plug & play

  • CW-laserprober fra 50 mW til 500 mW

  • Superpulsede prober opp til 90 watt og 5x60 watt laserdusj

  • Laserskanner (satellitt)

  • 12 x 50 mW LightNeedle fiberoptisk system

Physiolaser olympic - laseren for RAC-frekvensforskning og daglig praksis

To lasersonder med optimale bølgelengder er enkelt koblet til via plug & play for punkt- og områdeterapi, og som perifere forhold muliggjør RAC-pulsdiagnose. Dette systemet muliggjorde viktige undersøkelser av TCM og auriculomedicine og er uovertruffen over hele verden.

Knestråling med superpuls laser dusj:

Laserterapi med punktlaser og laserdusj, RJ-terapiprogrammer

De superpulserte sonder (superpulsert laserdusj med 5x60W / 904 nm, 200 ns.) Har et bredt spekter av bruksområder, spesielt med spesialterapiprogrammene for fysioterapi, sportsmedisin, ortopedi og veterinærmedisin. RJ-terapiprogrammene består av en nøyaktig definert kombinasjon av biofrekvenser og muliggjør bruk av frekvenser målrettet i henhold til indikasjonen.

Laserdusj med 5x60W superpuls

De spesielle lasersondene for presis laserterapi

Ulike punkt- og overflatesonder (laserdusj) er tilgjengelige for presis laserbestråling (punkter, aurikulomedisin , overflatebehandling, laserdusj). Enkeltsonder (enhåndsoperasjon) opptil 90 W med et punktfeste for presis bestråling eller med en konveks linse primært for å bestråle musklene, muliggjør intensiv behandling med samtidig massasjeeffekt.

LightNeedle, Laserneedle

Laserterapi med lysledere for mild smertebehandling

Med LightNeedle (Laser Needle) kan du bestråle opptil 12 punkter samtidig med en lasernål ved hjelp av lysførere . LightNeedle er ganske enkelt koblet til en av de to utgangene til Physiolaser som en sonde. Alle behandlingsfunksjoner er da direkte tilgjengelige. Du kan til og med bruke en lasersonde samtidig, for eksempel for å bestråle et område samtidig.
Mer informasjon på


Skanneren for kontaktløs laserterapi

Satellitten ble spesialdesignet for overflateterapi og er koblet til Physiolaser som en valgfri sonde. Også her betjenes den ved hjelp av Physiolaser (berøringsskjerm) og to kontrollknapper for strålestien på satellitten.

Terapien utføres uten hudkontakt og strålen avbøyes ved hjelp av et spesielt speilsystem.  Størrelsen på behandlingsområdet avhenger av kroppsdel, nerver , skader eller meridianernes forløp.

Physiolaser i bærevesken

Leveringsomfang og behandlingssonder til Physiolaser

Physiolaser (sluttpris avhengig av tilbehør, laserpenn, tilbehør), alltid klar sak, strømforsyningsenhet, nøkkel, to beskyttelsesbriller, laseradvarselskilt, bruksanvisning, terapihåndbok.

Tilgjengelige sonder: 

  • Dot laser  500 mW / 810 nm 

  • dot laser  150 mW / 638 nm                                   

  • punkt laser  90 W / 904 nm                         

  • laser dusj Superpuls (bevegelige) 5 x 60 W / 904 nm

  • laser dusj Superpuls (fokus) 5 x 30 W / 904 nm                  

  • laser dusj Superpuls (rettet stråle) 5 x 30 W / 904 nm 

  • laser dusj cw 8x55mW / 785nm + 4x40mW / 655nm

  • LightNeedle 12x50 mW / 655 nm 

  • Satellittskanner 500 mW / 810 nm + 150 mW / 638 nm

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