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Her finner du elektromedisinsk behandlingsutstyr fra Enraf-Nonius 


Compression or shock wave therapy is used to treat muscle / tendons and ligaments. Shock waves are sound impulses with a lot of energy, which are transmitted in depth as waves. The energy release in the treatment area improves the metabolism and blood circulation, and thus stimulates the body's own repair mechanism.

Radial pressure waves can be generated electromagnetically or pneumatically. Endopuls 811 does not require a separate compressor. Electromagnetic equipment for pressure wave treatment is more compact and mobile.

The advantage of pressure wave therapy is that it has a very short treatment time per session, with a high percentage of treatment successes after only a few treatments. This makes pressure wave therapy a very popular therapy. Even a short intervention with a pressure wave can give great results.


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Laser therapy

The 905 nm GaAs laser probe delivers pulses in nanoseconds,
produces average power of 100 mW and peak power of up to 100 W per diode. This results in a higher concentration of light energy (I₀), or photon density at the depth of the tissue, without the risk of burning tissue. (Endolaser 120)
The clinical application of light - produced by laser diodes with
power of up to 1600 mW - is scientifically well documented.
The 905 nm (GaAs) pulsed laser is the most versatile for deeper structures (joints, vertebrae, back muscles), while 808 nm (GaAlAs) is more suitable for wound healing and tissue repair.
Scientific evidence still shows that pulsed light has biological and clinical effects that are different from
continuous wave (CW) light. Several studies have revealed that
LLLT in pulsating wave mode can penetrate
through melanin and other skin barriers, which strengthen
the hypothesis that pulsation is beneficial for reaching deep tissue
and structures.

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ENDOMED 484 is a new generation with high performance
electric stimulator for healthcare professionals who want it all:

• TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a method of electrical stimulation for pain relief in acute and chronic conditions. ENDOMED 484 includes several forms of TENS as alternatives: Conventional (high frequency) TENS, Acupuncture-like (low frequency) TENS, Burst TENS and modulated TENS. The different methods of using TENS are related to the different physiological mechanisms of pain modulation. TENS is non-invasive and has few side effects compared to drug treatment.

• NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) is used to promote muscle strength and functional recovery of extremities (upper and lower limbs). ENDOMED 484 allows the user to work with single, double or multiple channels and offers synchronous, asynchronous and alternating (mutual) stimulation for muscles or muscle groups. In addition to these stimulation modes, ENDOMED also has the PEMS (Progressive Electrical Muscle Stimulation) function. This unique feature is extremely beneficial in functional electrical stimulation (FES) side
it ensures that all four channels stop at the same time, regardless of the contraction patterns of each channel. PEMS is highly desirable for muscle stimulation in a kinetic chain (eg in stroke rehabilitation).

• PENS (Percutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a proven and effective analgesic therapy that combines the benefits of both TENS and electroacupuncture. In PENS, power is delivered to the body using small acupuncture-like needles placed in soft tissues and / or muscles for pain relief and functional improvement in patients with migraines, neuropathic pain, sciatica and chronic knee pain, for example.

Electroacupuncture and related techniques are effective against acute and chronic pain and reduce some side effects. This
Minimally invasive procedure is growing rapidly in popularity as the results are excellent. Some even consider it the ultimate combination of Dry Needling and TENS.


The 4 channels can be used separately, in pairs or simultaneously
with different programs.
ENDOMED 484 is therefore the ultimate solution for the treatment of painful conditions and muscle failure in stroke rehabilitation (incl. Dysphagia), orthopedics, sports rehabilitation and pelvic floor rehabilitation (incontinence).


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Endomed 482

is the electrotherapy unit for therapists who want a more advanced alternative.
Electrotherapy has many possibilities and uses. Pain control and muscle stimulation have a long history and is well substantiated scientifically. The use of Electrotherapy is non-invasive, easy to use and will not give a negative experience to
patients. Electrotherapy is therefore often an excellent alternative to medications or other procedures.
The Endomed 482 is designed for practical use because of the touch screen interface and the extensive protocol library (42 elements and evidence-based), as is the case with the other devices from the Enraf-Nonius 4 series.
The Endomed 482 can be expanded with a Vacotron 460 . This
integrated device ensures the use of electrotherapy when using
vacuum electrodes become very simple.
Endomed 482 : the complete, user-friendly, fast and safe device for electrotherapy!

Evidence-based protocols

  • 42 evidence-based protocols for electrotherapy. Complete display of anatomical locations and treatment instructions


  • The patient can be involved in their own treatment by using an optional "remote control". Especially when using electrotherapy, the patient has the opportunity to control the treatment.


  • In addition to being able to use the 4-series device connected to a power supply, the device can also be used with a battery-powered power supply. This will ensure that you can walk anywhere with your device, whether this is at the patient's home or at his or her hospital bed.


  • In addition to standard processing protocols, you can also store your personal protocols (including sequential applications) based on your own guidelines.

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w / vacuum

2 independent channels. Settings for 2-pole interferential current (2-pole) and TENS can be evenly distributed through two channels (four electrodes), while the intensity of each channel can be adjusted individually.

Endomed 182 with integrated vacuum: Endomed 182 can be equipped with an integrated vacuum module. The vacuum (suction) that is generated allows the therapist to easily place the stimulation electrodes on the patient and eliminates the use of fastening straps.

Stimulation takes place by means of suction cups that have integrated electrode surfaces and transfer the electrical stimulation to the tissue via moistened sponges. Versatile: With two available device models, electrical stimulation can be used through flexible rubber electrodes, self-adhesive electrodes and / or vacuum electrodes.

In short: Endomed 182 for IFC & TENS:
• Are the most advantageous professional devices for
interferential current (IFC) and TENS
• Has two independent channels
• Is smart when it comes to design and performance

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Shortwave - and

Shortwave and microwave therapy use the effect of an electromagnetic field on the various tissues. The nature of the electromagnetic energy ensures that it is absorbed especially by low impedance tissues, such as well vascularized tissue (muscle tissue) and tissue with edema or recent hematoma. The uptake of this energy promotes tissue repair and improves blood circulation. Shortwave therapy exerts very little stress, but works very deep inside the body.

With shortwave and microwave therapy, there are opportunities for continuous shortwave therapy and pulsating shortwave therapy. With continuous shortwave treatment, the subjective feeling of warmth is prominent, the real diathermy. The purpose of this treatment method is to promote circulation and stimulate metabolic processes. The therapeutic effect of heat has been used since medical science began, and the equipment for shortwave and microwave therapy allows this heat to be used very precisely and locally.
Shortwave treatment can also be used a-thermal. High peak capacity is issued in very short bursts. These are followed by relatively long rest periods. This process stimulates the tissue intensely without the patient being aware of the thermal effect. Pulsating shortwave can thus have an effect very deep inside the body without unwanted surface tissue reactions.

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REHABILITATION: Muscle stimulation programs are specifically indicated for functional gain after surgical joint interventions and after a longer period of immobilization. Programs included for Vastus Medialis augmentation and recovery after ACL surgery, prevention programs
(prevent trauma and injury), rehabilitation and hemiplegia.


INCONTINENCE: Specific programs for the treatment of urological disorders such as stress, urge and mixed incontinence are included in the rehabilitation section.
Pain: Eliminate pain with the special pulses from TENS currents that stimulate the body in a soft way, and which make it possible to restore health, well-being and an improved joy of life. With the TENS programs of TENSMED S84, you can treat acute and chronic pain related to musculoskeletal disorders. Included programs for acute and chronic pain, cervical pain, lumbago, periarthritis, epicondylitis,
Sciatica, soft tissue injuries etc.

SPORT: TENSMED S84 is programmed to selectively stimulate fast and slow fibers to train different muscle groups.
Includes programs for warm-up, maximal strength, endurance strength, explosive strength, de-contracting (muscle relaxation), capillaryization (increases blood supply to the muscle and improves endurance and recovery ability) and before and after competition / training and active recovery (reduces muscle fat after training or competition).


FITNESS, BEAUTY & AESTHETICS: With the TENSMED S84 you can take care of your body and defend its vitality and beauty. Use the specific beauty programs to treat skin problems: improving capillary microcirculation, toning and tissue tightening, fluid drainage, increasing metabolism and cellular activities, reducing and mobilizing the fat in the local deposits (eg cellulite, water retention, localized fat). TENSMED S84 is also ideal for weight loss / localized lipolysis, anti-cellulite treatment, lymph drainage and tightening / toning. The firming and toning programs help reduce skin problems through the general and localized increase in metabolism.

FAST NMES (neuromuscular electrical stimulation): The Quick NMES menu offers 3 ways to stimulate and train muscles (or muscle groups) in the most functional way using one of the 103 dedicated programs. In just three steps, you can select one of the following Quick NMES options: 'Action Now', 'FES Now' or 'NMES Now'. Fast, easy and functional.


Action Now programs are normal NMES programs with the only difference being that you start the contraction manually: after pressing a button on the TENSMES S84. These programs are especially useful for connecting and synchronizing the electrical stimulation to a volunteer
contraction. Programs range from very fast and short contractions (typical of explosive motion) to slower and longer contractions
(when aiming for hypertrophy).


FES Now (“3S”) programs are characterized by an activation delay of channels 3 and 4 compared to channels 1 and 2. These programs allow to stimulate the muscles of a kinetic chain thanks to the differentiated activation times of the muscle groups involved. In the aesthetic field, the 3S programs allow to create a real sequential drainage. The rhythmic stimulation of the muscles
causes an increase in the velocity of venous circulation and lymph circulation (lymphatic flow)


NMES Now offers fast access to specific muscle tuning programs with a preset ON / OFF pacing time.
There is an alternation between working hours and rest time (active and passive). For example, 6 seconds of contraction and 10 of recovery,
During the recovery time, there is also the possibility of increasing the intensity of the current to perform a cooling active recovery during the rest.

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EMG - Electromyography

Myofeedback involves recording electrical muscle activity using surface electrodes or cavity electrodes. Myomed 632X is easy to operate and ensures that the therapist and patient receive feedback on the results. The feedback is given visually via the LCD screen which clearly shows the preset threshold values ​​and the patient's muscle contractions. You can also select an acoustic signal that indicates whether the patient achieves the selected values ​​or not. The coarse EMG signal is heard via headphones. The therapist does not need labor-intensive supervision, as the Myomed 632X safely guides the patient through the exercises!

In the case of pressure feedback, the Myomed 632X measures pressure changes using cavity electrodes.

The device offers two forms of therapy: electrical stimulation and EMG feedback. These can be used independently or in combination. There are various possibilities regarding the combination of EMG feedback with electrical stimulation: alternative or triggered by a preset threshold value.

The vacuum unit (optional) is a silent device that creates negative pressure with the possibility of using four vacuums
electrodes. The suction power can be adjusted over a wide
range and can be set both continuously and pulsating. Due to a control system, the pump will only be in operation if the vacuum is reduced to below a certain level.

Eltrac 471 w/
Traction device

Eltrac 471: Whether for the treatment of prolapse, degenerative discopathy, or a pinched nerve, spinal decompression provides an improvement in long-term pain. Spinal decompression can be achieved in a number of ways, but traction is one of the simplest and most effective methods. Traction affects the pressure between the vertebrae. Due to the pressure drop under the traction force, a mechanical effect is generated on the nerves and a biophysical effect on the circulation and oxygen supply to the local structures occurs. This can result in immediate pain relief, but also a structural improvement in the long run.
The new Eltrac is precise. The forces are exerted on the patient with ultimate precision. The traction force in the cable of the Eltrac 471 is constantly measured under traction. The control of Eltrac compares the measured value with the set value. Any discrepancies are immediately corrected. In traction therapy, not only the exact force is important, but also the speed at which the force increases or decreases is very important.

Other devices on the market can only give an indication of the speed. Speed ​​is only estimated or expressed as a percentage of engine capacity or speed ratio. With the Eltrac 471 you can set the engine speed accurately (N / sec.) And the unit will deliver just that. It will calculate exactly how long the treatment will take. And full color screen shows exactly what you programmed and what happens during treatment.
What you see on the clear and informative screen is exactly what takes place. No average later, but rather real time. This allows you to monitor the strengths that were actually exercised during the therapy, not a summary presentation, but the course itself.
You can zoom and scroll through the visual representation of
treatment. This will also provide better insight during
the treatment session as a whole. You will be on top of what you need to know thanks to the real-time information.

Eltrac 471 by Enraf-Nonius is the safe and responsible choice.
Not just because Enraf-Nonius has provided physiotherapists
equipment since 1925, but also because we develop treatment equipment with the most advanced technology. The traditional traction equipment is mainly characterized by controlled traction. In addition to the controlled contraction force, the new Eltrac 471 also provides clear real-time feedback, the option to store protocols. The ease of use of modern technology makes this possible.


In addition to the ability to store protocols, Eltrac is of course also equipped with pre-programmed clinical protocols (evidence-based!). This makes it extremely easy to adjust the settings of the equipment.

Forces above 200 Newtons can damage safety when performing
cervical traction. Therefore, the Eltrac 471 has a built-in warning that indicates when a treatment includes forces above this threshold.


With Saunders' clinical traction device, the traction forces are directed towards the back of the head. The forces are not applied to the chin, so there is no pressure on the temporomandibular joint. Saunders clinical traction device can be tailored to individual needs so that each patient
receives maximum benefit.
The angle of cervical traction can be adjusted with Saunders clinical traction device. This allows optimal traction as described in literature.

Eltrac vooraanzicht.jpg

Sonopuls 492

The most complete device in the 4 Series is the Sonopuls 492 . This device ensures that you can use ultrasound therapy, electrotherapy and combination therapy. You will have an electro-treatment option for most disorders with both 1 MHz and 3 MHz ultrasound, with a small and / or a large ultrasound treatment head and with all modern and efficient current types that are fully integrated!
The simple alignment of the touch screen control panel makes operation extremely easy and fast. All the information you need is displayed in a very organized way. It is also easy to choose the right parameters.

Thanks to the integrated evidence-based protocols,
the best recommendations will be suggested. The graphical help screens that show locations and anatomical locations provide a guarantee for the correct execution of the treatment.
Sonopuls 492 can be used as a mobile device thanks to the battery (optional) . In addition to using it with a power supply, the equipment can also be used in a clinic next to a patient's bed or at home. Thus, the multifunctional Sonopuls 492 can also be your assistant wherever you need to treat the patient.
Sonopuls 492 can be expanded with Vacotron 460 vacuum
module. With Vacotron 460 integrated with
Sonopuls 492 , you can easily place electrodes. A combination
which will make your job even easier and faster to perform.

The new Enraf-Nonius Sonopuls 492 is available now, offering 4
completely independent channels. You want 4 independent
therapy units available at the price of 1! With only 1 device you can
use 4 different therapies or treat in 4 different areas independently and simultaneously. Save time and money.

With the new Sonopuls 492 you can treat different areas or different locations at the same time.

An example is ultrasound treatment of the deep tissues of the hip. Traditional treatment consists of a session on the ventral side of the hip, the lateral approach and finally the back side.

Sonopuls 492 with 4 independent channels also offers
possibility to treat 4 different areas at the same time. For example, treat one area with dynamic ultrasound and one with hands-free StatUS (TM). The two remaining electrotherapy channels can be used to reduce pain or to stimulate muscle tissue. Double the result in less time! Just place the applicators, set the protocol, and you're ready to go!

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Sonopuls 492
Sonopuls 492 med Vakuum
Enraf-Nonius_Sonopuls_492B 3.jpg

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