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Have you ever needed help with:


  • Warming of deeper tissue structures?

  • Better pain relief in connection with rehabilitation?

  • Increase elasticity in the tissue?

  • Increase local blood flow?

  • Local heating before training and / or manual treatment?

Do you want to prevent injuries?

Skanlab NG Pro helps you!


We have now also got Swedish pages - for all our Swedish friends!
Select Swedish flag at the top of the language menu!
Check out the new devices added to Enraf ​​- Nonius electromedical equipment:
  • Endomed 482
  • Vacotron 460
  • Sonopuls 492 m / vacuum
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Trusted partner of

PowerMedic Lasers Aps


Trusted partner of

Enraf-Nonius B.v.

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Trusted partner of

BTL Industries

Trusted partner of Reimers & Janssen GmbH

In addition, we have products from leading and innovative players in the industry

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Norwegian Icehockey WC 2022

The A national team in ice hockey has for the past 6 years used electromedical equipment from Skanlab AS. We are very happy with the service and the appliances they have assisted with.


In the run-up to the World Cup and during the World Cup, there is a great strain on players. Skanlab Therapy has been a good supplement in the rehabilitation of injuries that have occurred during this period.


See more customer references here.

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